Alicia Waters! New Book!

“Abundance for me: Is the fullness of encompassing everything that is divine
for your total well-being where you are able to make all of the choices needed
to accomplish your life purpose. We are already fully loaded with everything
we need within this fullness of our divine inheritance.”

~~ Alicia Waters! ~~

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Abundance: UR IT! takes the reader on a journey of self -acceptance, and self- discovery to recognize and re-establish their personal truth of abundance as being their birthright. This spiritual and practical exploration helps individuals to realize that they are the place where manifestation happens first. It’s abundance inside out.

This book challenges leaders to step up and play the Game of Inner Mastery to get more aligned with their inner abundance. If we desire to see great changes happen in our nation’s economy, world unity and the greater good of humanity then we have start by turning the flashlight inward, deal with our inner conflicts and reclaim our truth.


“A passionate and concise discourse on the subject of “personal prosperity” – birthed from experience, insight, and conviction. As its title suggests, Abundance: U R IT! is an affirmation to the “success factor” that’s already within each of us. With supporting references and tools for continued growth, this work is an easy read for the average person, as well as a primer for current and emerging leaders. Alicia Waters! is a rising star! Big Thumbs Up!”

~~ Bill Pinder, Ms.D, D.D. ~~
Inner Growth Consultant, Metaphysician


“Alicia Waters has hit the nail on the head with this book! ABUNDANCE: U R IT! speaks to the experience of a master teacher. Wisdom is abounding in the words written from the heart. Truly this is a great resource for leaders and future leaders. When one reads this book and embraces the teachings shared, they will feel more inspired, encouraged, uplifted and empowered!
I say YES! YES! to ABUNDANCE: U R IT! Eloquently written, Divinely Inspired! Thank you for being guided to share your journey that others may benefit.”

~~ Dr. Tonya K. Freeman ~~
Motivational Speaker, Visionary, Inter-faith Minister


“Live, Love and Lead from Spirit” is the abundant message in Alicia Waters brilliant book “Abundance UR IT!” If you are ready for being called ‘up and out’ into a world that is ready for YOU to ‘show up connected’ to your abundance, then this book will ‘unleash and polish to a shine’ your hidden unique truths and gifts that will empower your everyday leadership. Alicia knowingly guides you to claiming your Divine ‘right to flourish’.

~~ Anya Sophia Mann ~~
Author, Visionary Intuitive


“Alicia Waters’ newest inspirational work, Abundance You R IT! gives us a recipe for embracing our Divine connection and relationship with abundance. Knowing Alicia as I do, I truly know she walks her talk, and through her own living experiences has been given a gift to share a wealth of wisdom. She artfully combines ingredients that sweetly soften and playfully open our hearts to heal and receive what is rightfully ours to claim.

Alicia masterfully invites us to claim and embrace our highest potential, and then guides us on to live now in a gracefully chosen State of Mind as we co-create our success in every area of our life.”

~~ Cheryl Longyear ~~
Montezuma NY Town Historian & Global Community Transformer


“Abundance U R It: Inner Game Mastery for Emerging Leaders helps its readers locate themselves in the realm of abundance. Offering up interesting concepts for a redesign in consciousness, Alicia Waters! uses the power of words to assist folks in finding true prosperity. I enjoyed my own journey through the various locations, as the book made me realize where my real ideas around abundance really, truly reside. The WaterLady poured out wisdom throughout every page; really challenging my own areas of rigidity in my own thinking. I believe any reader will be challenged and changed if they dare take this trans-formative trip. I enjoyed the foundational principles, the practical application, and the personal stories of Alicia’s own journey. Her teachings are relatively personal and universally needed. Abundance U R IT, helped me know that abundance can and should be mine…by my Divine Birthright.”

~~ Xina Sy ~~
Communications Chick & CEO of Talk that Talk LLC


“Abundance U R It: Inner Game Mastery for Emerging Leaders is an AWESOME and COMFORTABLE read that is flowing with divine wisdom, personal experiences, and diversified analogies that are designed to either recharge or give new charge to the divine spirit that dwells within self! This roadmap leads one to their TRUE abundance through numerous tests and turns; however, the destination remains the same…Destination U R IT! Through this work, Alicia Waters! has proven to be a VESSEL that the Divine Power uses to produce the unlimited supply of the LIVING WATER, that promises us that if we drink of this water, we will never thirst no more!”

~~ Yvette Wilson Bentley ~~
Author & Journey Enhancer


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